ACE Powder Coating is the ideal choice for the motor sport enthusiast because we specialize in small run and custom work.

We have built a solid reputation by providing our customers with outstanding customer service, attention to detail and the highest quality finishes. Special care is taken with all the components that we are powder coating. Every effort is made to make sure you're a happy customer when you leave our building.

Our services include:

Inspection of the part prior to surface preparation

In-house burn off oven to turn existing finish to ash or to "bake out" any oils or grease that may be inside the part.

In-house sandblasting to remove existing finish or prepare surface to accept the powder coating.

High temperature masking material is applied or silicon plugs are inserted to protect areas that should not be coated.

After the powder coating is applied and removed from the oven, the part is inspected for quality. If we're not happy with the finish, the process starts all over again.

We also offer mail order services for our customers who want the best possible powder coating but who live outside the Akron area. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll discuss shipping arrangements for your parts.

3663 Massillon Rd. - Uniontown, Ohio 44685